Eugen (Jenő) Hartmann

born 21.05.1900 Nyíregyháza/Ungarn
d. 21.07.1985 New York

DGIM Honorary Member 1929 – 1939

Eugen Hartmann was the son of the Jewish, Nyíregyháza-based master baker Alexander (Sándor) Hartmann and his wife Hanna née Klein.

Hartmann studied medicine in Prague, Vienna, and Wroclaw.1 He graduated in February 1924 and received his doctorate in medicine from the Silesian Friedrich Wilhelms University in Wroclaw in July of the same year with an experimental thesis on thrombocytogenesis under Erich Frank (1884-1957).2

Hartmann remained in Breslau as a physician and researcher. His main scientific interest was in hematology. His first specialist publications appeared in 1925 as part of an appointment at the Medical Clinic of the University of Breslau, whose director was first Oskar Minkowski and then, from 1926, Wilhelm Stepp.3 Together with Frank, he published several research articles. When the latter became chief physician of the municipal Wenzel-Hancke Hospital in 1928/29, Hartmann accompanied him and from then on worked as an assistant physician in the medical department there. In 1933, he settled as a specialist in internal medicine at 47 Gartenstrasse in Breslau. 4

When Hartmann left Wroclaw has not yet been clarified. It is noticeable that the DGIM still listed him in its membership list until 1938, despite his Jewish origin. In the medical literature, annual publications, including a joint paper with the German-American pioneer of sports medicine Ernst Jokl (1907-1997), also from Breslau, testify to high research activity that ended in 1933.5


In 1940, Hartmann left Europe on the "S.S. Serpa Pinto" from Lisbon, having previously lived in Copenhagen. On January 9, 1941, he reached New York and accepted a position at Metropolitan Hospital, Welfare Island.6 On July 23, 1946, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen. The following year, he married Margot Prager (1915-1988), a nurse from Breslau who had emigrated to New York in 1938.7 Hartmann later settled with his own practice near Lefferts Boulevard in Kew Gardens, Queens. He also served as School Physician at Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood from 1961 to 1967.8

After his death in 1985, Hartmann was buried in New Montefiore Jewish Cemetery in New York. His wife was also buried there



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