Martin Hirschberg

born on 05/20/1882 in Kulm (Chełmno)
died on 03/17/1950 in Fort Sam Houston/Texas

DGIM Member – 1933

Martin Hirschberg grew up as the son of Louis Hirschberg and his wife Rose Ludtke in Kulm, West Prussia.1 He married Friederike Henriette Jaffe in 1912. He had already been licensed as a physician and had moved to Berlin as a specialist in internal diseases six years before.2 It is possible that he was employed as a physician in an outpatient clinic of the health insurance companies and thus was also active in social medicine.3

It is certain that Hirschberg emigrated as a Jew persecuted in Germany. He reached the USA and resided in San Antonio/Texas in 1949/50. He took an overdose of phenobarbital with suicidal intent on March 13. He died four days later at Brooke General Hospital at Fort Sam Houston.4 He lived to be 67 years old.


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